Pumped-Up Pony

Pumped-Up Pony

25 minutes (or overnight set)
Best For:

Start with Sulfate Free Shampoo and Custom Conditioner (for very tight corkscrews, use as a leave-in). Apply Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer all over.

Divide hair into four sections—two in the front; two in the back.

Saturate first section with Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer and Anti Humidity Gel-Oil.

Take a subsection of the first section, separate into two pieces and twist strands. Then, wind into a small bun, tucking the ends under. 

Repeat within section, and then move onto the next one. 

Diffuse or let dry overnight. Once dry, unravel buns. Use a pick or your fingers to blend curls. 

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