Social Media 101 - Bumble.LIVE



In today’s digital world, you can communicate your culture and brand aesthetic to everyone in seconds. So, having an authentic message and social media strategy is a must for your business.
You’ll learn techniques to engage with current (and potential) clients, strengthen your brand story and communicate that message to the world.

Students will:

Learn the power of communicating an authentic, consistent voice.
Create (and curate) content that represents your brand’s aesthetic.
Identify and strengthen social media skills and presence.
Explore and determine which social media platforms can help leverage your salon.
Enhance your photography skills to create engaging content.
Help increase brand awareness by attracting and maintaining ideal clientele through social media.


Open + Welcome
Why Social Media
Authenticity + Creditability
Maximize Your Social Presence
Capture Your Content
Capture Your Content hands-on
Set Your Strategy


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