Bb.Cut + Style - Bumble.LIVE



A firm foundation in a handful of techniques can last a lifetime. In this one-day course, students will learn the essential razor, blow-dry, and finishing skills needed to create precise cuts and flawless styles.

Students will:

  • Watch a cutting and styling demonstration 
  • Practice introductory razor techniques
  • Hone their blow dry techniques 
  • Expand their working knowledge of the razor
  • Prepare for intensive design classes at The House of Bumble

Class Time

10AM - 3:30PM

Class Size

9 (max)


4500 points or $450.00
(BYO model)

5500 points or $550.00
(model provided)

Model Requirements (if BYO)

  • 1 cut/style model per student to arrive at 12:45pm
  • Is 18 or older
  • Arrives with clean, dry hair
  • Has fine to medium density with texture
  • Has long hair and is willing to lose at least three inches (the finished cut will fall between collarbone and shoulder blades)
  • Avoid very fine, sparse, coarse, curly, or frizzy hair




Two years of cutting experience recommended


Instruction, demonstration, and hands-on

Tools Required

  • Round boar bristle brush
  • Flat boar bristle brush
  • Styling brush
  • Tail comb
  • Blow-dryer
  • Cutting cape
  • Towels
  • Razor with blades
  • Pin kits (duckbill, pins, etc.)
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